Daily Archives: June 25, 2016

Is This Business As Usual?

It has been just over a month since “the NAfME situation.” Droves of people from many spaces in the music profession responded intensely by posting their frustrations, opinions, and concerns on social media. Some went so far as to constructing letters, individually and collectively, urging national, state, and local organizations to rethink their approaches toward diversity and activism. Outside of those responses, I speculate that many individuals voiced their concerns by speaking with trusted colleagues and friends within disclosed spaces. People were upset and perplexed and not without cause. But, I believe that we have arrived to a familiar place—silence. While it’s been only a short time since the incident, I haven’t seen or heard much from individuals, institutions, or organizations about their future plans to act. Have we reached a cease fire? Even more so, I ask, is this business as usual? In addition to the silence, I have recognized characteristics that are common with social media engagements—self promotion.

Whether we are confronted with unethical and racist statements or we are energized by incredible conference or festival presentations (musical, research, etc.) decorated with attractive Prezi, Keynote, and PowerPoint nuances, our energy or motivation to act beyond those perimeters often diminish. It’s like, we get fired up to make an impact, to change our world, or to shake things up, just to revert back to. We backslide into silence or passive aggressiveness. In the words of Jay-Z, it’s “On to the next one.” We keep it moving. But, why? Continue reading